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Welcome to Sporty’s Catering!

"I just wanted to let you know the delivery men Jake and Joe were excellent, quick and efficient. They had to set up lunch while a meeting was going on and you didn’t even know they were there. The food was superb. EVERYONE loved it. Thank you so very much! Happy holidays to you and the Sporty’s staff.


So, why go anywhere else? 

It's Communion, Confirmation, Graduation season

Inventory time? Multi shift delivery 24/7 available.

Over 1,500,000 orders of Sporty's Famous Chicken SOLD!

"We will MEET and BEAT any Comparable written quote"

Compare Value - Compare Price - Compare Quality

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Something you don't see? Please let us know, our chefs will accomodate you.

Catering available 24/7 days a week.                 Ordering Monday - Saturday 9:00-4:00  to place your order  

Folks it's as simple as this, we hear all the time how our food was the hit of the party, we smile and enjoy those comments. Meanwhile, the other "affordable low priced caterer" only needs you to order from them one time right? A graduation, a communion, a special occasion. We all too often hear, I made a mistake and should have never ordered from that caterer.

Congratulations are in order.  Sporty's Catering has received the 2013 "Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award" as the best caterer in the region!!

Our History: 

Catering took off  several years ago with the creation of our "Famous Sportys Chicken". (We had been catering the Italian Beef and Subs at that time).  In 1993 a local church asked us to create something special for their new rededication and so it began (this after successfully running a restaurant since 1980). Our restaurant soon became a thing of the past and we concentrated 100% of our time on catering. From a 2 page catering menu to over 32 pages. Actually created by you, the consumer.

We like to term ourselves "The proud, the few, the Sportys crew". A lot of personal attention and planning goes into our food preparation. Whether its planning for a wedding or picnic 6 months from now or someone who calls and needs food in 2 hours we strive to make everyone happy. Our wait staff are the personnel who work for us, not "hired" out folks who have "no clue".

"We enjoy when a customer returns their equipment and proclaims that everyone cannot stop talking about the food". Read Our Customer Testimonials

Referrals are 90+% of our Business!

We hope you enjoy your experience with Sportys Catering, we know you won't be disappointed.

The crew at Sporty's Catering take pride in the quality food they create everyday for our cliental. Year after year our returning customers take pride in knowing that we will outperform in our quality and service. So many new customers found that out.

Inventory time?  Multiple deliveries available 24/7.

To place your order, please call Monday - Friday 9:00-4:00  

 Sporty's sales tax is .0775%.......please note that other caterers have a 10% Sales Tax

Look to Sporty's to provide you with the highest quality while we are mindful of the economic times and pricing.

A note, as we hear this more and more. Folks often ask us if they "order 2 servings, do you get full servings of each entree"? With Sporty's Catering the answer is yes. With other caterers they don't want you to ask the question, they'd rather you look at the price and "think" your getting a better deal. Why risk the party of the year on "I should have ordered from Sporty's Catering".  

  •  Tired of "rubbery Beef or Ham or Turkey" from a lower priced caterer. We pay a premium price for "real" center cut, all white meat Turkey not just processed meats. We slow roast Black Angus Prime Roast Beef.
  • We want you to know that at Sporty's Catering we keeping prices as low as possible AND even lowering some prices while maintaining our high standard of quality.
  •  Fact: Do you really want someone to have for their dinner a scrawney wing and leg on their plate for dinner? 
  • Fact: Do you want processed Salads like potato salad or cole slaw or homemade, at Sportys, Salads?
  • Fact: A company recently called and said their budget for lunch was $240.00 for 60 people including delivery and sales taxes. $4.00pp. Do you really think you can provide a quality, even semi quality meal for less than $4.00pp. We suggested the ala carte meal.
  • X company wants your business now, not in the future, do you care what people say about the food your serving them?
  • I believe the one item that annoys us the most is listening to the horror stories of folks, who, for the most part are having one party, and their food comes late, you have to heat up, the quality is atrocious and insufficient. The best of all are the caterers who cancel parties at the last moment????

Ask your caterer if:

  • You are getting 2.5 - 3 pieces of boneless skinless chicken per person or a thigh and wing or possibly a leg per person?
  • Is your Italian beef delivered already in the gravy? Looks and tastes "rubbery"? Sporty's adds the Italian Beef to the hot gravy when we professionally deliver and set up your buffet......
  • Are you getting Italian Beef ALREADY "in the gravy in the tray"? You probably getting 5lbs of beef and gravey WEIGHED together.
  • Is your bread tiny 3" pieces of bread or 4" for a buffet and 5" for a combo pack?
  • Does your caterer give you all your food your picking up cold with instruction on how to heat?
  • Do you have to heat up the food when delivered? This is why they give you 2 sternos to "heat" the food....seriously against all Health Department Regulations.......
  • Think twice, then call Sportys Catering @ 630-980-6619

Sportys Catering mission is simple, to make people happy. Oh, and don't run short on Sporty's Famous Chicken Tenders....always order more than you actually need, trust us when we say that!   GBJ&G

Sportys Famous Chicken
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